Valentine’s Day Destinations Post #2



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Because this Valentine’s day falls on the Friday before President’s Day, many people are deciding to use the holiday for travel, according to  Among the top destinations are New York City, Vegas, Chicago, and Miami.  Missing from the list is Niagara Falls, in my opinion.  Although the article names many big cities, Niagara Falls is a huge destination for couples on both sides of the border, with casinos and falls view hotels on both the Ontario and New York sides.  Most rooms offer a breathtaking view of the falls, like the one above.  Sure, Niagara Falls isn’t necessarily tropical, nor does it have beaches, nor is it a metropolitan area of NYC caliber–but the natural magic of the falls offers a kind of romance that no other place does–a mystique that has transcended generations of Native Americans and immigrants,..  It emminates a spiritual oneness and energizing ora that gives you a sense of peaceful wonder which stops you in your tracks, forcing you to appreciate nature and ask why the Creator has graced us so bountifully.  What better way  is there to spend Valentine’s Day with your honey than to humbly appreciate the magic simplicity that is a massive amount of water continuously falling for all to see–just like a source of continuous outpouring of love towards your significant other?  Hey, they should really hire me to make their travel guides!// 


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