Traveling and Illness: Royal Caribbean Cruise Virus Post #3

Sitting in a waiting room at the social services employment office yesterday, I overhead a lady say, “Did you hear about those people on that cruise?  That would never happen to us.  That only happens to people with money.  Someone definitely set those people up.”  Such a statement was surprising because in that moment I realized how badly tourism is viewed amongst Americans, who are supposed to be touristy people as a whole; it’s part of the American Dream.  According to, Royal Caribbean Cruises reported a cruise being cut short due to over 600 people becoming sick on board last month.  The sickness reported was of vomiting and diarrhea, probably spread by a virus.  This kind of situation, as evidenced by the lady I eavesdropped on , is ironic in a way because thousands of people who paid lots of money for a ‘vacation experience’ were unable to achieve that despite their ability to buy into it.  I’ve been on one cruise in my life, a Royal Caribbean one, and this news story could’ve just as easily been my own.  The cruise itself wasn’t impressive.  Maybe the fact of it was that I went with my grandma.  Overall, though, it seemed like the opportunity a couple would take to romance one another, rather than a cultural experience.  Sure, the weather is nice, and theres enough drinking to do to keep you busy 24/7, but the industry/commercial feel of it kind of ruined it for me.  The locals in the Bahamas immediately hustle you as soon as you get on land, and immediately judge you as being a sheltered white person.//

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