A blog about a blog Post #6

Recently I took a look at classmate Keanu’s Blog.  I was interested in seeing his blog because his writing in the class workshops thus far has been great.  He writes with an engaging tone and clear diction.  What was particularly attention-grabbing in his blog was his entry about his trip to Germany.  In the entry he shares information about what he ate, what sites he visited, where he stayed, and what surprised him about his trip.  It was interesting to learn that he “had the privilege of visiting a local restaurant and ice cream shop which is a lot similar to its [American] counterparts…” which made his post very relatable since he was able to include a comment clearly denoting an American perspective. 

The tone of the whole blog was very catchy.  His opening words, for example, create a familiar and easy-to-read style:

“Unlike most freshmen in high school I was given the opportunity to travel to Germany all expenses paid.”

I like his idea to write about his own travels and include a photo from the trip.  There is no better piece of writing than something that simply flows out onto the page because the writer has a personal investment in the task.  I think I will draw from his idea and write an entry about my own travels soon.



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