Spring Break Blues…Again Post #4

Most years I simply stay home and work for Spring Break.  That’s to say, I’ve never had that reality tv/Hollywood “Spring Break experience.”  The drinking, the nudity, the beaches, the parties etc etc never were in the picture for me, nor was a vacation of even some low-key partying for Spring Break.  Spring Break for colleges as advertised seems very over rated.  I’d rather take a vacation some other time of year and save on airfare.  Then again, I am secretly envious of all these people supposedly drowning in bliss and glamour on their Spring Break vacation. 

Along with the “brand” of Spring Break comes a certain level of risk, which adds to the idea of indulgence that is “Spring Break.”  According to CNN’s video clip on Spring Break Safety, some of the risks for Spring Breakers include sunburn, alcohol and its associated risks, hotel room break ins, and getting mugged.  I associate what the media portrays as “Spring Break” as having its origin in the 80s with the surge of students in colleges, as bright neon swimwear on the beaches, as well as a certain culture of horror films in that era having to do with the blissfully unaware and sexually charged young adult who is being punished with terror for being so blissful and ignorant. 



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