Another Blog About a Blog Post #8

Another worthy blog to mention is the one found here by classmate Hasan.  I knew his blog would be a good one to look at because of the interesting pieces he’s done for our class, including the well-invested evaluation of the Gus Macker.  His blog entries mirror the same enthusiasm and comprehensiveness seen with his assignments.  

I especially enjoyed his entry entitled “Away From Home,” a description of his early college life and lifestyle transition.  It was refreshing to read a perspective of someone who is so newly acquainted with a life independent of his parents, along with an attitude of anticipation to match.  He talks about different aspects of the adventure he is just at the cusp of embarking on, including what chores he’s now doing and what new responsibilities he has taken on.  He created an intimate tone with the details he added, such as the fact he went to a small-town high-school.  I think my favorite part of his writing is this attention to detail, which is his ability to convey clean and concise honesty in written form and is thus a strength for him. 

Also, the pictures he’s added to accompany the text are effective and match the themes well.  I love the one below (taken from his blog) which he added in an entry about his evolution as a writer.  The face of the cartoon actually represents his character pretty accurately.



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