Research blog entry #1: The Brainstorming Process

To begin the task of finding a topic to write a 10 page paper on, you’d better think of something you can talk on and on about.  My brainstorming process began by choosing 3 possible research topics that hit home for me in one way or another.  For class, which has a central theme of the American Dream, my topics include 3 different ways to talk about diversity in today’s comics.  My first choice is how feminism and the vulnerabilities of womanhood are represented in the relatively new series Saga which has a breastfeeding woman on the front of one of its covers.  My second choice has to do with gender classification/ transgender actualization in Americans’ minds through comic books, specifically transgender representation of HIM, the villain in the Powerpuff Girls.  My third choice is having to do with modern body image and fitness representations, namely Mr. Incredible of The Incredibles whose body is purposefully less “perfect” than the traditional male superhero.


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