Post #3: Revising the topic yet again…

After talking with the professor I realized I was trying to force a specific argument that doesn’t reflect the object fact of edgy graphic novels.  Controversial graphic novels are very much on the edge and not mainstream.  I guess as a person who doesn’t really (yet) follow or read many comics or graphic novels I don’t have that good of an idea of main trends.  when I came across Saga, I figured it was a comic book, and that this new and interesting series must be popular since it interests me personally.  After consideration, I realized last post that it definitely belongs to the realm of graphic novels.  My bias on assuming it must be popular if it is controversial is something that I realized I tend to project into a lot of my writing.   On one hand, this is a weakness because it taints my credibility.  On the other hand, it can be good since it provides me a convincing style since I, myself believe in my argument so much I can be really good at persuasive voice, even if I’m not as good at connecting the facts to my original argument.


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