Post #4: Beginning the Research

I found it extremely difficult to find information specifically talking about counterculture in comics, let along counterculture in Image comics.  I think among the literature people might not really write about the topic since comics themselves have grown up in America from a place of counterculture.  I varied my search techniques from using “counterculture” to searching for “feminism” and “graphic novels” and that brought me some sources.  A lot of sources I’m finding are simply reviews of Saga saying that it’s controversial and that it is successful and catchy.  The librarian who came to class today provided a lot of interesting links in the handout, so I’m hopeful that they will lead me to some more information.  In my research to come, I plan to look at graphic novels with respect to representations of the family, since in Saga the plot is centered around a new family, and I feel like a family journey as the main focus/protagonist is generally rare in comics.


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