Post #5 Changing Things Up For the Better

With little information about the graphic novel topic/feminism Dave Brown helped me to pick another topic that I could be just as enthusiastic about.  He suggested I consider movies I’ve seen or like.  We came up with writing about The Hunger Games and how the movie makes social commentary on the subject of a utopian society.  He suggested this movie after I mentioned I really enjoyed the movie Divergent, which is very similar in terms of what themes are present.  After watching The Hunger Games, I’m going to determine whether or not I will take the route of talking about both movies in parallel or just one of them.  There is apparently a ton of literature about The Hunger Games since it has been such a hit at the box office and in popular culture.  What makes Divergent so interesting is the subliminal messages that the viewer is free to interpret from it, so I think The Hunger Games will probably do the same thing.


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