Post #6 The Hunger Games: A Plethora of Subliminal Social Critiques

Now that I’ve watched the movie I’m absolutely amazed at how many social critiques the story packs into it.  My task now is to pick one/ find a common ground among all of them that I wish to write about.  One of my first ideas about what the movie says about society is that America’s obsession with entertainment and celebrities is oftentimes one side of the coin;the other side being the crazy lives celebrities must live because they are…celebrities.  For example, they must be in their own isolated worlds, oftentimes themselves and their children protected by bodyguards.  This point is similar to what the movie shows as the “players” are dying one by one all because the “game” is designed in such a way.  This also presents the point that there is a hierarchy of people to step on/ use to one’s own advantage in order to end up on top.  The game wants the players to be competitive.  In Hollywood, competition is all about sales, viewers, ratings, and sponsors.. just the the Hunger Games.  The game itself reminded me a lot of reality TV such as the show Survivor or the show about people living naked in the wild.  I also think the movie makes commentary about the world being at war.  Each district is a country, and our representatives or armed forces fight to the end and carry pride for their own country.  War in and of itself is an ugly part to human nature in that it brings out our primitive instincts to survive by any means, even if it means being heartless and selfish. For example, the players in the game gang up and plot to kill Catness (sorry for the spelling) because they know she has the ability to win against all of them.


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