Post #7: Formulating evidence for The Hunger Games as a warning against complete American Dystopia

After collecting about 7 sources, I’ve read into each of them and am starting to think about what each of their arguments are.  The Hunger Games the book will be one of my two print sources that I can use to cite specific scenes in the plot.  I also found a digital  version of an anthology that has essays talking about different themes in the story.  This source especially helped me see what arguments are out there and gave me a lot of arguments to work with to formulate a statement as to what the movie is saying about America and what it is warning against.  I’ve even found an article online talking about Apocalyptic themes in american culture and the American dream.  I plan to spend the first part of my essays drawing similarities between symbolism in the movie and symbolism of America. I.e. 13 Districts and 13 original American colonies.


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