My personal blur bubble

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Blur.”image  My visual for the Daily Post photo challenge is a picture of my daughter from the recent Easter holiday.  Her dress is in focus and the surrounding furniture and carpeting are the blur.  the nature of this photo brings to light a certain kind of blur, a selective one if you will.  A selective blur is a symbol of how the human mind operates, and oftentimes a source of frustration for me.

It’s Easter.  Perhaps if you practice organized religion, albeit only on Easter, you go to church, you dress up, you see family, eat a meal, see some Easter eggs.  This picture is ironic for me because the focus of the whole day this Easter holiday was my daughter’s dress.  In the days leading up to it, the question was, what will she wear?

I did actually spend time this Easter thinking aboutwhat Easter is to the world and what it means for me personally.  But the logistics of the day were somewhat routine: the food, the church, the family visiting.  What was different was my daughter’s dress.  It’s funny how in life we can focus so intensely on individual material objects that complete some kind of mission for us, in comparison to how much we zone out when it comes to more meaningfully substantial goings on even if they are habitual and monotonous.


Bluetooth Keyboard=Sliced Bread

Seriously, everyone should go out and purchase (amazon) a bluetooth keyboard for their phones. I don’t have internet at home so this lets me blog without straining myself just using the phone keyboard.  Anyway, So commences my independent blogging routine– free of  school assignments and whatnot.  It’s Easter afterall.. what better day to resurrect my creative outlet of writing and self-expression therein?