It’s popping up everywhere..the social media manifestation of what people have done since the beginning of man.  I ask myself, can one wander without going about geographically?  I’m always one to live in the abstract, so for me wandering geographically doesn’t fit my current lifestyle–although I think that’s the point of it: to break out of a conventional, settled routine.  Having a toddler means my life revolves around giving her a foundation for the rest of her life, and this means a stable routine to learn from.  In a sense, have I missed out on the wanderlusting that my kidless counterparts in their 20s are doing?  What about all those Elmwood and Allentown dwellers, who spend everyday just hanging out en la calle? Or New Orleans dwellers living in a place where time stands still? My wandering is in the form of my everyday philosophical direction. I.e.,  I played JV football in highschool cut my hair in a mohawk and I had a baby out of wedlock while I was in undergrad (doesn’t everyone these days?) Now that those things have been done, what can I do to wander and how can  I feel solace?  How does working America feel solace and not commit suicide nowadays? My great uncle sailed the seas decades ago and moved out west from the northeast.  He hikes in the mountains often.  My goal I think, is to find my own mountain to hike, even if it’s in a book.  I often think about the opening song in Disney’s The Lion King that says “there is more to do than can ever be done.”  Even when we have mastered our structured lives, there is more to learn, explore and accomplish.